Data-Driven Design

When you have significant traffic on your website, the Customer-Centric approach extends to the Data-Driven Approach.

The process is still carried out by keeping your customers in mind but now we have data to guide us. Even now when you are reading this, your customers are generating data for us.

We capture and analyze this data to understand their:

  • General behavior on the website.
  • Where they're getting stuck
  • Pain-Points and Issues while using the website.

Analytics tools that we use

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most popular digital analytics software with several features including an in depth site usage.

It provides valuable insights that can help you to shape the success strategy of your business.

Heatmapping Tools

They add an extra layer of insignts to Google Analytics data and helps understand what users do on your website on a more detailed and micro level.

These tools provide - Click Maps, Scroll Maps and other reports to determine whether your customers are reaching important content or failing to see it.
Heat Maps

Google Analytics

User Surveys

On-site surveys enable you to ask questions and collect feedback from your customers and helps you understand what they like and don’t like (and why).

On-site surveys helps in removing friction and eventually increasing conversions

Why Data-Driven Design

In today’s digital world data is king. Ignoring this as part of your web design process will lead to failure.

Web design without data is like a car without an engine. It might look great but it won't take you to your desired destination.

It helps you confirm any of your assumptions about the web design you are considering.

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