Why Guest Checkout is Vital?

This is an old and established piece of advice but worth repeating: allow users to go through checkout as a guest without making them sign up for an account. All sites should be doing this by now.

One of the biggest barriers to checkout completion is asking your users to sign up or create an account at the start. It adds that extra bit of hassle and thought to someone's journey: "Do I need to? Shall I just go to another site that l'm already registered with?".

Asking for passwords is getting in the way, when at this point you should be getting out of the way and making it easy for them to part with their cash.

Even if you're a site where the user is likely to want to log back in later-like an accommodation or transport provider---you still don't have to get the user to create a password up front. You can get them to create it at the end of the process, when their order is placed.

Be smart about it: the user didn't come to register for your site, they came to buy your product or service. Make the sale before asking for more.

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