USP - Unique Selling Point

The importance of explaining your brand's USP was covered on the landing page (see page 20), Whilst you may think you've already told people, here is a good
place to bring it up again.

For starters it's possible users have missed it at other points on your site and may have just landed here. In addition, as the user is getting close to buying you'll want to remind them why they should buy this product from you, rather than something similar from somewhere else. The message can be told through copy or more creatively with photography, video, or infographics.

It's a chance to relate your USP to individual products too. I've seen some great clothing sites that make their differentiator the provenance of the garments and that they know exactly where the materials have come from. They introduce the concept on the landing page but follow this through by displaying the exact sources for each product's materials on their respective pages.

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