Thumbnail Images

Most eCommerce site listings pages show several products on screen at once. As a result the product images on listings (traditionally known as thumbnail images) have tended to be quite small, which can lead you to think that imagery isn't important here.

l'd recommend against falling into the default of using small thumbnail images. The image is a key part of helping the user make a decision about which product to select and in many cases it tells you a lot more than any text can. Things like clothing, furniture, and properties, all rely on the user being able to make a subjective distinction between the different things on offer.

I've worked on sites where the images haven't just been seen as a small visual indicator but a large part of the listing. Users always react very positively to this (it doesn't matter where they are on the site, good photography is always loved).

It can be hard to summarize some products in a single image, particularly experiential ones or locations. If you think something can be better sold in a few images then do so. Travel sites often have multiple photos in their thumbnails
with a subtle arrow to scroll through them. Many clothing sites offer the option of showing the product on its own and being worn by a model.

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