Show Products on Home Page?

One question that comes up a lot when designing ecommerce sites is how many products to put on the homepage. Managers or merchandising folk are often
keen to get products on there that they want to push, in the belief it will drive users through to these pages and increase sales. Unfortunately this isn't always the case
and for big sites this can be a premature time to do it.

If you're a site with hundreds of products then what are the chances the user landing on your page will immediately want the small selection of products you've put there? Pretty low. In fact you could be confusing them into thinking this is all you offer, ending up with a few products that aren't representative of your store offering. Even if they do click-through, they may not like the product and can exit your site without getting a sense of the range of products you have available.

If you have a big website with lots of products, you should prioritize showing your product categories on the home page to give an overview of what you offer, with the aim of driving users through to your listings pages. If you are going to show products make sure it's with a focus on a few that are new or on special
offer. Piling up lots of products only worsens the attention ratio.

For small sites (with fewer than about 20 products) it makes sense to show the products on your homepage. At this size categories are going to be overkill and these few products *are* your offering.

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