Should you have 'Add to Cart' buttons?

One aspect of a product listings page you'll find on the majority of eCommerce websites is a button to add a product to your shopping cart.

It's easy to think that every website should have this-after all, what's better than getting more products into the basket?

Well, it depends on what you sell.

There are a couple of questions I ask to determine whether the listings should have this button:

  1. Are the products you sell something users buy often?
  2. Do users tend to order several different products at once?

If the answer to these is yes, then your site should benefit from an 'Add to Cart' button on listings.

For example, on a supermarket website where the user shops regularly and knows what type of cereal they like, being able to quickly add to the basket will be a huge help.

The hassle of going into a product page each time would slow the journey down hugely.

Compare this to a user on specialist clothing site looking to buy an expensive winter coat.

They're going to want to get the decision right, and will certainly be checking the product page to see the details.

They're very unlikely to immediately click 'Add to Cart' from listings so it would be taking up space unnecessarily.

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