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When you scroll to the bottom of a product page what do you find? In the vast majority of websites, it's a strip of images of other products, and a message telling you you 'might be interested' in them. It's a last attempt to get you to keep browsing if you've reached the bottom of the page and haven't found what you wanted.

Amazon tends to have three or four if these strips per product page, so it's a good idea for you to have at least one right? Well, only if they're helpful to the user.

In a few years of working with one site, I discovered that the average click-through rate on related products was 0.3%. This is poor, especially considering the user is quite far down the funnel and interested at this point. A big part of the issue was they just weren't compelling enough.

It comes down to whether you are giving the user a reason to click/tap them. If you're going to have related products then you can't just state that they're 'similar. It's important to make that relationship meaningful and useful. The strongest approach is to manually curate them, for example giving suggestions of other clothing that creates an outfit with the item being viewed.

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