Product Variations

There are two ways to show if a product comes in variations of things like different colors/materials/ sizes. The first is to indicate with icons or text on the
product listing. This gets confusing if you have a product with lots of variations, as users could miss all the configurations available to them.

The second is to make every option into a separate product that appears in the results. The danger here is that you flood your listings with similar-looking items. I've watched user tests where this is the case and it just confuses users, as they think they're seeing repetitions.

What's the right answer? Generally I'd go for having one product with an indicator of any variations. I follow these two rules of thumb when deciding if it's worth using separate products:

  • Create a separate product if a variation means the price is radically different. This ensures you are appealing to users in an appropriate price bracket and don't shock them when they select a product variation that causes the price to double.
  • Create a separate product if the size changes the use case of the product being sold. A change in size of suitcase could change its suitability from weekend breaks to two-week holidays. A change in length of surfboard would appeal to a different style of rider.
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