Product Variant Options

It's common for products to be offered in variations. This can be color, size, flavor, or something else. The product page is where users ultimately make that choice. To help them you should avoid dumping these options in drop-down menus.

They need to sit above the 'add to cart' button to show users that they need selecting first. Where possible they should be visual buttons to help the user see all the choices and they should make clear when a variation means a change in price. If the variant changes the look of the product (such as the color) then selecting it should update the main product image, so it leaves no doubt as to what will be ordered.

When it comes to size selection it's best not to have a default size, otherwise you could easily end up with users adding the preset size rather than they one they want. This could lead to lots of returns and frustrated customers. The exception
is when you already have this information from a user's preferences.

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