Primary Buttons on Home Page

It's easy for homepages and landing pages to get carried away explaining a brand to users and showing off lots of products but if you're not careful your content can
actually distract from the core purpose of the page. It's a good idea to take a step back and ask yourself, “if I've not been to this site before, is it clear what I should do next?"

For eCommerce landing pages the aim should be getting users to take the next step in buying, which usually means browsing for products. There should be an obvious link or button to do this with text featuring a clear call to action (CTA) like 'shop.

To help it stand out, use a bright, contrasting color that is sparingly used-ideally just for the primary button on each page. This applies whether the button is on its own or part of a simple form, such as one on a travel site that asks for location and dates. For emphasis and usability it's also a good idea to make it nice and easy to click/tap, so don't make it too small.

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