Clearly the price should be present on your listings, as it's a vital piece of information. It's a huge driver of what people choose to look at, and being able to sort and filter by price is highly useful to users.

The most important thing is to make sure the price you display refers to the same thing on each product. For example, on a travel site all prices should either be the total price or the price per night. Mixing the two will only lead to confusion.

You should avoid the use of 'from' prices where possible as it doesn't give the user much to go on (just how high could costs go above that 'from' price?). This may require forcing the user to enter more information such as their dates of
travel in order to generate an accurate price.

The price doesn't need to dominate the listing, as long as it's clearly stated users will spot it. But it's always worth designing with promotions and discounts in mind: these are likely to be more visually dominant and there needs to be space to show both the previous and the sale price.

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