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There's one exception to when checkout content can live outside of a single column layout and that's if it's non-interactive. It can contain information that won't matter if a user misses it.

A good example which should be present on all checkout flows is a summary of the user's basket. Even if you don't have a separate basket page on your website, you should show users what they are ordering throughout the checkout. Not only is it helpful if they need to check something, it also reassures users that they're paying for the right things. Making a payment can be an intimidating moment, particularly if it's for a large amount.

Despite its usefulness, it is ultimately secondary information and so can sit in an expandable section on mobile or can be positioned on the right side on desktop. The section itself can look a lot like a basket but as the checkout should be closed off from the rest of the site, you don't need to link to the product pages. Otherwise images, titles, variants, and price are all useful to maintain

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