Order Confirmation

There's a step that is easy to overlook in the checkout process. That's because it comes after you've got the user to part with their cash. Many sites will leave the order confirmation page as a simple 'thank you' message but this is a missed opportunity to help your customers and get more from them.

Firstly you can help by making sure that you clearly state what is going to happen next. Remind them when the item will be delivered and to what address (or where it wilt be available for collection). This allows them to double-check everything is happening as they expect.

You should also provide links to details about your cancellation and returns processes. Doing this (and repeating them in an email) wilt help prevent you having to deal with support messages from confused customers looking for this information.

For customer who used the option of 'Guest-Checkout', this is the point where you have more space to make clear the benefits they'll get in return for doing so. You just need to ask the user to set a password to add to their email address, which should feel like less work now it's separate from filling in other details. You can also ask them here if they'd like to sign up to any email newsletters.

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