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Let's start at the top. What's the first thing people will notice about your website? Keep in mind they aren't likely to spend long looking.

It's almost certainly going to be an image. Our minds process pictures quicker than any words, so you need to consider if your main image is working hard enough to give the impression you want.

If you're in any doubt you should use this space to show what it is that you sell. Help people know they are in the right place, and don't let them feel uncertain. This could be as simple as product shots, or it could show your target audience, or it could follow established styles in your sector.

There are lots of details coded into every image, so make sure yours use the right ones. If a fashion site has an image of a middle-aged woman attending a classy event in a city then you instantly understand the intended gender, age, location, and income demographics of the target audience. If the site had a photo of a man in his 20s with a beard, sat at a rustic looking cafe, you would understand this is aimed at a very different set of people.

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