Do you need a product finder?

It's possible that a traditional search and listings model isn't the best approach for your site. Do you sell niche products? Does the user have to buy exactly the right
thing or it won't be compatible with their needs? If the user needs guidance to reach the right outcome rather than just choosing something they like, then you might need a product finder.

A finder would usually exist in addition to search, although in some cases it could replace it altogether. The idea is that it helps guide the user step-by-step through the buying process. It asks users questions about their requirements,
getting them to make a simple decision at each step, before presenting them with results that match their exact requirements.

For example on a site that sells beauty products the finder might ask users questions about their skin tone, face shape, and eye color, in order to recommend the right makeup.

This is a great way to show expertise and gain trust from users, especially if it's an item that they don't buy very often, or if they just feel uncertain when shopping in your category. It could be something to implement if you are seeing a lot
of products being returned because users are ordering the wrong size, product type, or wrong item altogether.

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