Cross-selling or up-selling (or whatever you want to call offering more products) can be a powerful tool to boost sales. However you've got to do more than just throw products at users. You want to do it in such a way that it is helpful rather than seeming like a sales tactic.

If you're selling expensive products and the average order is one item then you can consider a whole page or pop-up to offer users relevant accessories. This could appear after they've added something to a basket and as they're likely to only see it once, users shouldn't find it a hassle.

If users are likely to be adding multiple things to their basket then an extra step after adding every product to the basket would quickly get frustrating. Instead make any offers that relate to individual products on the product page. When you
have a general promotion that applies across all purchases then show it on the basket.

You might even consider putting a cross-sell after payment, as users have shown they trust you at this stage and you have all the information to immediately charge their card again. Once you have made the sale, it's a no-lose approach.

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