Credibility Message

The basket and checkout is a place where users are likely to pause before making payment. At this point they will consider whether they want to buy now or maybe hold off for a bit. Any doubts they have will get magnified at this time. Credibility messages can help smooth the road here, and some common ones include:

  • Badges showing that your checkout is secure;
  • Scores showing that you are well reviewed;
  • Headings showing that there is a returns/refund policy.

All of these can be displayed in the footer without taking up huge amounts of space-you don't need to over-indulge in this practice. I've watched user tests where the site showed whole reviews or testimonials from customers and linked off
to all sorts of extra information. It looked like too much work to understand and was promptly ignored by everyone.

Whilst users want to reassure themselves at a glance and check everything looks above-board, they're unlikely to want to do in-depth reading at this point.

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