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There are several potential actions you can have on a product page that require buttons: check stock, choose size, enquire, live chat, check availability, add to wish
list. These can all be useful but should any of them be top priority?

No. There should only be one button standing out amongst the rest: the button to buy the product, or add it to the basket. If you've got the user interested in a product, they shouldn't have to guess at how to give you their money. This page has one primary goal so help the user reach it.

Your button should use a color only used for primary actions. Don't blend it in, don't make the wording unclear, don't prioritize other actions on the page. Also if you make it clear and unmissable it doesn't need to follow the user around the page on a sticky navigation.

Avoid ever graying out this button as users are likely to think they can't buy the item. Even if you need a size to be selected before they can buy, let users click the button before opening the size menu with an explanatory error message. When something actually is out of stock or unavailable, you could replace it with a link to a contact form so they can ask to be informed when it is available again.

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