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Heavyglare is an eyewear brand owned by Sunrat Optical Inc. It was established in 1999 and is based in Burnsville, MN.

The brand is focused on providing its customers with a personalized experience to purchase eyeglasses that fit correctly. They have been selling eyewear online for over twenty years and have a solid professional brand presence for their wide eyewear range.

It is one of the trusted American brands in the eyewear industry and has been selling its eyewear solutions to customers worldwide.

Purpose of Audit

With the increase in scale, the online portal of Heavyglare experienced a lot of difficulties in delivering a quality experience to the users. The website required an in-depth audit to figure out the flaws in UX/UI and other elements to deliver a quality experience to the visitors.

Our objective was to spot the visitor's behavior and highlight the prime functional and usability issues on every page of Heavyglare.

We used usability testing, HotJar, and our eCommerce framework to prepare tailored reports for Heavyglare.

This is what we focused on for the client:

  • UX and user behavior audit
  • Spotting user experience and user interface design issues
  • Functional bugs
  • Figuring new features/fixes for better experience

Our Approach

We wanted to give a detailed report to the client that could help them enhance the following:

  • Website features
  • User experience
  • User interface

All this was required to improve the quality of the shopping journey and boost the conversion rate.

The first things we analyzed were user behavior and user flow:

User behavior and flow

We used clickmap, movemap, and mobile clickmaps to understand the user behavior and user flow.

We analyzed the user behavior, functional bugs, and UX/UI issues in the user buying journey and highlighted the major suggestions/ideas to improve the usability and UX.

There were typography errors, the image quality was poor, and the logo image was pixelated. Apart from that, the drop down of brand names was not in alphabetical order; the mobile version didn't include a search icon. These were the major drawbacks in the user flow which hindered the quality of user experience.

Pages we covered

Apart from the flow, we picked individual pages on the website and ran an in-depth analysis of the design, experience, and different elements of the pages to spot even the nitty-gritty issues. 

  • Home page
  • Product listing page
  • Product page
  • Cart and checkout
  • Activities page
  • Accessories page
  • Eyewear page
  • Testimonial page
  • Blog page
  • Promo page

    Our Suggested Features/Fixes

    To help Heavyglare, here's a list of broader suggestions/ideas our expert team finalized to help the brand scale and improve the quality of customer experience:

    • Collect client reviews in image or text format.
    • Redesign the banners.
    • Add new arrivals section.
    • Add category description for better user engagement.
    • Remove some promotional pop-up banners.
    • Include ‘what you are looking for?’
    • Add different social login for better communication and connect with customers.
    • Add chatbot for intuitive user experience. 
    • Add product finder based on straightforward questions so that it gets easy for customers.

    Audit Report Future Usage

    Our user research audit report for Heavyglare can be used as a handbook for significant future developments and scalability roadmap.

    The steps that Heavyglare can take after our in-depth audit report are:

    1. Working on major and minor functional fixes and UX fixes with the highest priority to deliver the best user experience and enhance the conversion numbers
    2. Technical SEO to improve the SERP rankings and solidify the SEO score of the website
    3. Bring in more traffic using multiple channels currently in place and switch to Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram Ads, and Google Shopping for a traffic boost

    With our heatmaps analysis, the results showcase people clicking over the external social account links. Improving the social media presence and opening new doors of communication for the target audience can deliver a quality customer experience.

    Here's the snapshot of the home page from the Heavyglare's Shopify OS 2.0 store.

    Heavyglare Shopify OS 2.0 home page


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