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rebranding an ecommerce brand

About the Client

A Sight for Sport Eyes is a 20-year-old sports eyewear brand catering to a special niche of sports eyewear that aims to provide protected eyewear for the experts. It also aims to educate the consumers about the risk of eye damage and injuries.


The key reasons to go for a rebranding were:

  • Remain competitive
  • The current branding became outdated
  • Establish evolution and growth
  • Keeping up with times
  • Stay up to date on all of the latest design trends


The goal was to provide a visual revamp to the brand while keeping the core identity intact. 


The requirement was to develop a new logo design, color, typography system, and brand guidelines.

To achieve this, we:

  • We first started to understand their current and future target market(s), business goals, market’s competitive scenario, and stakeholder requirements.
  • These findings and insights were used to define and design a unique logo and identity for Sporteyes without changing the core brand idea.
  • Further, we built a dynamic brand manual that will act as a guiding document for usage and applicability of the new identity across all parallels.


Step 1 - Brand Discovery

At this stage, we intended to know the company brand and the project goals.

This was done as a 2 part process -

1 - The questionnaire: here we gathered basic insights about what the brand is and does. The members of the core team were asked to fill in the details which would be a part of the final decision-making process.

branding rebranding questionnaire

2 - Discovery call: this was substituted with a discovery document* where we gathered the insights & formulated a guiding document for the project with the answers shared in the questionnaire.

branding rebranding discovery document

    Step 2 - Research and brainstorming

    This was an essential stage where we conducted thorough research to prepare a visual direction document. This document was also based on the responses received in the questionnaire.

    branding visual direction

    The research and visual direction were presented to the client for approval.

    The orange-blue color direction was liked by stakeholders but they wanted see few more color directions so we presented the below options -

    Finally, the original orange-blue color direction got approved.


    Step 3 - Logo Design

    In this step the logo options were built based on the visual direction and were presented to the client.



    Step 4 - Developing Colors & Font Type System

    Step 5 - Final Presentation (with revisions)

    This was the final stage of the branding process, where all information received and processed was presented with revisions. The final outcome:

    branding guidelines

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