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Home Page Audit

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“Homepage is the window of your eCommerce shop. Keep it fresh, keep it exciting.” — Unknwon

Which metric is your Homepage increasing - Engagement rate or Bounce rate?

When designing a homepage, you must have asked yourself - What should be on my homepage? Is it a big image to catch the eye? Is it a compelling headline? Is it comprehensive navigation to guide the visitor? Or is it strong social proof and user feedback?

It is true that there are many important components you should display to build an effective homepage.

Let’s check how practical homepage design is and figure out what you should and shouldn’t show on your homepage.

What's in it for you? / Benefits

Homepage is the entry door of your website, optimizing it will help you:

  1. Reduce bounce rate
  2. Convey your 'unique value proposition'
  3. Simplify navigation and product search

    What all we'll cover in this Audit / Scope

    1. Desktop and Mobile layout
    2. Navigation
    3. Main banner and heading
    4. Primary CTA
    5. Promotions
    6. Extra sections (specific to your business)


    • A final multi-page audit report.
    • Wireframe design


    Home Page Audit $99 Timeline - 2 business days