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About the client

Butter Bell Crock, founded in1995 in Los Angeles, CA, is a famous brand for butter crocks in the United States, owned by L. Tremain Company.

The company provides a modern version of authentic French “beurrier” to its customers with the Butter Bell brand. Made from durable and high-quality new bone china, the brand’s butter crocks deliver premium quality to the customers. It is focused on delivering time-honored and unique kitchen tools, decorative tabletop lines, and gourmet houseware to its vast global customer base. 

The Butter Bell Crock keeps the butter safe at room temperature without spoilage, odors, or refrigeration.


Problem Statement

The popularity of the Butter Bell Crock in the global ecosystem is primarily because of the quality they deliver with their products. But for the new visitors, the website experience was not up to the mark. Problems included:

  • Poor shopping experience (especially mobile)
  • Slow page refresh rates
  • Discount code errors
  • Other usability issues that hindered the brand's growth. 

Our objective was to tailor down the flaws and technical errors and highlight the areas of improvement to enhance user experience and website interface.


Our Approach: 

From the primary to the secondary pages on the website, we performed an in-depth audit. We used different audit tools and strategies to perform an in-depth audit for both the desktop website and mobile versions to prepare a knitted report for Butter Bell Crock.

We focused upon:

  • UX and user behavior audit
  • Identifying user experience design issues
  • Identifying user interface design issues
  • Providing new features/fixes for a better experience

Our problem-solving method included:

  • Utilized click map, move map, and mobile click maps to understand the user flow. 
  • Analyzing the website for different functional bugs.
  • Understanding the UX/UI experience in the buying journey of the customer.
  • Conducting detailed analyses for the website desktop and mobile version to craft a detailed report on how we can enhance the UX and UI for their brand.


Analyzing the pages

From the primary to the secondary pages on the website, we performed an in-depth audit. We also figured out the different challenging areas for the customers and analyzed solutions to the problems. The list of pages on the website is as follows:

  • Home page
  • Product page
  • How to use page
  • Category page
  • Cart page
  • Checkout page
  • Order success page

Multiple nitty-gritty issues needed attention to improve the customer experience and minimize the website's bounce rate.

Our team suggested new feature additions and fixes based on the customer feedback and the audit report results.



Our Suggested New Features/Fixes 

  • For the mobile version of the website, all secondary content or information should open in a popup with key buttons located at the bottom for easy navigation.
  • Once a customer successfully places the order, there should be additions in the next segment of the order success page. You can choose one from the following: 
  • Ask the buyer to subscribe to the brand’s newsletter to connect with them for future interactions.
    • Create an account on the eCommerce site if they made a guest purchase to convert them into a long-term customer.
    • Display shipping, packing, or other details for an improved user experience.
    • Request the customers to publish a review of their experience of purchasing the product.
    • Provide a link to a blog post. 
  • You can add upsells for increased sales and profits. Encouraging the customers to buy multiple Butter Bells can be achieved by: 
    • Displaying different Butter Bell for salted and unsalted butter
    • Different Butter Bell for fat and low-fat butter
    • Serving other spreads 
  • Provide different experiences to customers based on new and returning customers, customer segmentation, and individual interests. It can increase the conversion rate and deliver a quality customer experience for the target audience.
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